Strategic & execution excellence

We deliver quality with our 18 years
of international communications experience.
We understand brands and strategy.
We have native English and Dutch

speaking team members.


We have industry know-how in:

Consumer electronics, Entertainment, Retail,
Food & Beverages, Internet Services,
Consumer Goods and Telecommunications.

What makes us Nimble?

WHAT we do

Our lean communication services are divided into four main areas.

And we can create the following


communication materials

Consumer, Business &
Corporate materials

Brand &

Corporate identity

Newsletters &

Direct mail

Internal & Employer communications

& Illustrations



Powerpoint templates
& Presentations


We have simple processes.

We're swift in our delivery.

We’re established - we’ve been making our clients happy for 6 years already. We’re cost competitive. And we’re just a
hop, skip and a jump away in Amsterdam :)

WHY nimble?

Is it time for a more agile way to create your communication materials?

Nimble can do this for you.

We’re a sprightly design studio with a load of international
communications experience. Nimble can work independently or
as a complement to your main agency - handling the tasks that benefit

from a more NIMBLE approach, while giving

you the same level of strategic and execution excellence.


nimble HOW jack service poster
nimble HOW jack will design poster


Company: Bredemeijer Group Worldwide

Bredemeijer is one of Europe’s leading consumer goods manufacturers marketing quality tea-pots for the world to enjoy.


Situation:  Bredemeijer had an external agency

but had an overflow of work on a regular basis. They needed a reliable back-up who could step in quickly to pick up

the workload.

“ I have Nimble as an alternative to my lead agency to help me manage the flow of work. The team at Nimble provide a smooth service, I trust their work and it’s more efficient.”


Debbie Jägers,

European Marketing Manager



The founders of Nimble are


Let's meet! Call, mail, visit or send a letter :)


m +31 6 45 62 0719

nimble design studio

Jan Hanzenstraat 78

1053ST Amsterdam

ph + 31 20 612 6404


m +31 6 17 18 0229

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